Producing successful entrepreneurs imbibed with leadership qualities using innovative and ethical business practices to make global impact.


Instill the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship.

Long Term Goals (5 Years)

– Motivate students to develop their own startups.

– Develop business incubators.

– Arrange vibrant interaction with organizations promoting the cause of entrepreneurship.

Short Term Goals (2 Years)

– To provide a platform for interaction with entrepreneurs.

– Impart entrepreneurial education/skills amongst students through various trainings and exercise.

– Create corpus fund to seed ventures.

Organization Structure of EDC


Dr. R.M. Jalnekar (Hon. Director)

Faculty Secretary:

Prof. Rajesh Dhake (Dean, Students’ Activities)

Faculty Treasurer:

Prof. Anand Umrani(Assistant Professor, Dept. of Indus & Prod. Engg. )

Faculty Advisors:

1. Prof. S.K. Jabade (Dean – International Relations & Alumni)

2. Prof. M.M. Kulkarni (Dean- Administration and Registrar)


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